Nutrient Recovery Cycle

Founded in 2009, WISErg is a sustainable products company fusing biological science and engineering into a solution that converts landfill-bound food into premium agricultural inputs. WISErg uses its proprietary Harvester technology to capture food scraps from grocery stores and transform the materials using its own unique, patented process to produce fertilizers and other agricultural products. The products are not only 100% sustainable but show unparalleled performance in the field.


Products are 100% sustainable and upcycle valuable nutrients that feed the soil microbes and plants


Proprietary oxidative reduction technology recovers all the nutrients in food scraps, unlike traditional digestion methods


Nutrient-rich products also contain valuable compounds such as organic acids, carbon, and metabolites which fuel both plant growth and soil biology


Is adaptable to many application technologies including: in-furrow, with irrigation, as a side-dress, and as a spray directly on the soil or leaf surface


Free of food safety concerns and disease-causing pathogens that exist in manure and fish-based fertilizer products


Data-driven team uses technology to innovate in all areas of the business, including product development, manufacturing automation, and business operations

Nutrient Recovery Technology

Each year WISErg diverts millions of pounds of grocery store food scraps from landfills. These materials undergo patented technology to retain the valuable nutrients in the food. WISErg converts the food scraps into fertilizers that deliver the rich nutrient base back to soil with positive returns for growers.