The WISErg Harvester is a self-contained and easy-to-use machine that liquefies large volumes of landfill-bound food scraps — including solids like bones and cherry pits — into ingredients for our fertilizer.

How does it work?

The Harvester grinds food scraps into a nutrient-rich slurry. The slurry is stabilized and stored nearby in a fully enclosed tank until it can be systematically collected by WISErg.

The Harvester is designed to minimize the time and effort required by employees. A user simply enters a passcode and applicable data on the Harvester’s touchscreen menu. This data is provided back to the customer, giving them visibility into what is going out the back door. The Harvester captures weight, department, waste type, etc., allowing stakeholders to make better-informed future purchasing decisions.

Operation of the Harvester is monitored remotely in real-time by WISErg technicians to ensure continuous, trouble-free operation. WISErg’s field technicians also conduct regular site inspections to perform routine and preventative maintenance on the system.



  • Compelling and immediate ROI
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reporting of food scraps loaded by department
  • Comparative reporting available
  • No sewage connection required


  • Lowers greenhouse gas emissions
  • Full nutrient recovery from food scraps
  • Food scraps refined into organic fertilizer used by growers to grow tomorrow’s food


  • Odor-free, self-cleaning, and pest-free
  • Simple, multilingual user interface
  • Secure cloud-based reporting
  • Monitored remotely by WISErg


  • Simple, comprehensive, and actionable data reporting
  • Monitor and manage inventory losses to avoid unnecessary shrink
  • Track food disposal trends over time

Harvester Specifications

The weather-proof Harvester can be installed indoors or outdoors. By separating the Harvester from its storage tank, food scraps may be discarded at a location convenient to the processing line and the tank can be located where space is less constrained.

Harvester dimensions: 48” wide x 44” deep x 85” high

Width with both access doors open: 126”

Tank dimensions: 8.5’ diameter, 10.5’ height for standard 5,000-gallon tank (other tank sizes are also available)

Questions about whether Harvester is right for your business? We’re here to help!


The regulatory landscape for handling food waste is changing. WISErg wants to put customers in a proactive position by staying ahead of the curve on food waste regulation. With minimal environmental impact, we efficiently recycle food scraps by capturing the nutrients to create liquid fertilizer for organic crop production. As regulations evolve, WISErg is dedicated to removing the compliance burden from our customers.


The food energy captured by the WISErg nutrient recovery process is what fuels the soil-health benefits of our fertilizer. Other food waste diversion methods extract only a fraction of the energy captured through WISErg’s process.


While anaerobic digestion and composting successfully divert food waste from landfills, these processes negatively impact air quality due to their greenhouse gas emissions. Our process produces significantly less greenhouse gas emissions, with no methane or nitrous oxide gas emissions.


Across the country, cities and states are starting to regulate how food waste should be handled. Traditional waste methods are no longer an option in the regions highlighted below. The Harvester is 100% compliant with local organics disposal regulations.


Who should purchase a Harvester?

The Harvester is ideal for grocery stores and commercial kitchens. It is scalable and applicable to any organization that discards between 400-4000 pounds of food waste per day. Custom solutions are available for larger sites or combined tenants.

How is the Harvester different from composting?

The Harvester uses a unique process that can process all types of food scraps. Examples of approved inputs include meat, bone, seafood, deli, floral, liquids, and coffee grounds. Using a patent-pending, proprietary oxidative-conversion technology, the Harvester is able to fully capture the nutrients for our fertilizer, whereas composting consumes these valuable nutrients. The WISErg process also minimizes odors and emissions commonly associated with other food waste management processes.

How will this impact my store’s inventory control (shrinkage)?

The Harvester captures data about the sources of the food scraps and ambient conditions, so that customers can make better-informed purchasing decisions. Customers receive regular reports, providing them with key insights to ultimately reduce unnecessary inventory loss. The secure reporting system provides single- and multi-store reporting capabilities.