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WISErg fertilizers support healthy soils and healthy plants in both conventional and organic cropping systems.

Conventional Agriculture

Synergy is an unmatched fertilizer technology that increases nutrient use efficiency in plants – with no application restrictions. When combined with conventional liquid fertilizers, the metabolites and carbon compounds in Synergy promote plant growth and improve soil health for better plant establishment and greater yields. Synergy is manufactured for ease of use with all types of fertilizer equipment, including overhead irrigation, drip tape, and sprayers.

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BRIO is a source of secondary metabolites and plant growth promoting compounds that help mitigate the effects of plant stress and increase yield. It is designed to be applied in combination with other liquid products to help growers achieve a higher ROI.

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Organic Agriculture

WISErganic is a revolutionary new fertilizer that delivers increased crop yields and improved plant health in organic systems. Its food-derived carbon enhances the soil biology, and its plant-available nutrients drive balanced crop growth above and beyond that of other organic fertilizer alternatives. Produced using a patented manufacturing process, WISErganic lends itself to all application technologies with no odor or clogging.

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Healthy Soil Means
Healthy Plants

WISErganic fuels plants more completely than other fertilizers, leading to healthy soil, healthy plants, and more nutritious food. Watch our video to learn more.


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Why are WISErg fertilizers so effective?

Many people assume that only N-P-K (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) are important for plant growth. We at WISErg believe that plants require a much more balanced diet. Through our patented process, we are able to better recover nutrients from our recycled food scraps inputs to generate fertilizer products that are packed with minerals and compounds that plants love. The result is that our fertilizers nourish plants more completely than other conventional and organic fertilizers, leading to healthy soil, healthy plants, and more nutritious food.

How do you guarantee your product is free from pathogens?

Our unique, patent-pending process inhibits pathogens in our fertilizers, eliminating any food safety risk. To ensure we always have safe products, we test our inputs, intermediates, and end products. The safety of our products is validated both internally by our Quality Control team and with certified external laboratories.

Are there any application restrictions?

There are no application restrictions for our fertilizers. However there may be state-specific restrictions on nutrient loading. Please refer to your state guidelines for details.

At what rate do I apply your product and can I mix it with other inputs?

Please speak with your regional sales representative for more information regarding crop-specific application rates. If you intend to mix our fertilizer products with other materials, we recommend you conduct a jar-test beforehand.

How is WISErganic fertilizer certified for use organic production if it’s not made from 100% organic food?

A product does not need to be made up of USDA organic inputs to be certified for use in organic production. However, it must meet extensive criteria to ensure it is not synthetically derived or altered with prohibited materials during manufacturing. Our process and our WISErganic formulation are vigorously reviewed by organic certifying agencies such as OMRI, CDFA, and WSDA in order to ensure compliance with the National Organic Program guidelines for organic input materials. We do not use any synthetic inputs, acids, or otherwise prohibited substances in our WISErganic fertilizer.

Pathogen-Free for Safe Food

WISErg fertilizers are extremely safe to use. Fertilizers are manufactured using our patented technology to ensure they are free of pathogens and any food safety risks. There are no biosolids in WISErg fertilizers, so they can be used right up until harvest. WISErg also provides clear traceability for growers, simplifying compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act, Leafy Green Marketing Associations of California and Arizona, and the National Organic Program.